Survey and Valuation Department

We undertake all types of surveys and valuations for both commercial and residential properties.

Residential Surveys and Valuations

For most people the purchase of a residential property is the most important and costly transaction they undertake.

It is recognised that it is vital to obtain independent professional survey and valuation advice before exchange of contracts.

To simply rely upon personal judgement, or a Building Society Valuation, may not be enough to protect the purchaser from potential risks. A Mortgage Valuation is not intended to give advice on which to base purchase of a property.

For the relatively moderate cost of a private Valuation Report, an ISVA Home Survey and Valuation, or a Building or Structural Survey, you can buy peace of mind, which may also save you from making a costly mistake. The ranges of surveys we include are:

    which gives you a valuation based upon the overall condition of the property. Prices range from £200.00 plus VAT.
    For a much more comprehensive report, the ISVA Home Survey and Valuation gives a more detailed assessment of the property with regard to its condition and the valuation. Prices from £350.00 plus VAT.
    This is a more in-depth report on the actual condition of the property, but does not provide a valuation unless this is asked for. Prices by agreement from £550.00 plus VAT.
    In addition to home purchase, we also undertake valuations for matrimonial, probate purposes and insurance valuations.

Commercial Survey and Valuation

Swift and Co carry out surveys and valuations both locally and nationally, including industrial workshops, warehousing, retail and office property. Valuations are undertaken for a wide variety of purposes, including sale, purchase, investment, pension funds and assets. Such valuations may be on behalf of an individual, corporate or a lending source.

  1. Commercial Surveys
    Commercial Surveys are undertaken on behalf of clients, to establish the condition of premises for a variety of purposes. These will include:
    • To assess the position prior to purchase;
    • To establish the condition of a property during and at the end of a lease, usually termed as a Schedule of Dilapidations; and;
    • To carry out Schedules of Condition on behalf of tenants.
  2. Other Commercial Services
    Swift and Co can provide reports for expert witness requirements, business rating, acquisitions and other matters relating to Landlord and Tenant issues, Compulsory Purchase compensation.
  3. Valuations
    Valuations are carried out on all types of commercial property. We undertake work ranging from individual properties to entire portfolios for all purposes including:
    • Purchase or disposals
    • Probate
    • Rent Reviews and Leases
    • Pension Funds
    • Bank finance and loan security
    • Development and investment appraisals
    • Taxation, e.g. Inheritance and Capital Gains.